PRO Custom One-Piece Goalie Skate

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PRO Custom One-Piece Goalie Skate

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  • Zero Energy Loss
  • Neutral Pitch
  • Lower Attack Angle


Our one-piece molded design leads to zero loss of energy and responsive power transfer allowing goalies to get across the crease faster.

The lower profile also assists with maintaining edges before committing to the shooter. Without a traditional cowling our boot allows for lower position to the ice, for heightened feel, maximum control and improved attack angle.

Patented carbon fiber, monocoque design yields more direct power transfer and unmatched control while in the crease.

Strategically placed eyelets put goalies in the deepest attack position, facilitation natural and more direct energy transfer when moving laterally.

Side Panel Color: White, Silver, Red, TRUE Blue

ToeCap Color: Black, White

All skates being ordered after scanning 


65%+ of NHL Goaltenders wear TRUE Pro Custom Goalie Skates during regular season, and in during playoffs 18/19, 15 of 16 goalies used TRUE Goalie skates